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Nenu Local movie review

Nenu Local has got very good openings.  Nani grabbed one more hit and is so happy to share his success with his fans and well-wishers.


Release date: February 3, 2017

Locality News Rating: 3.25/5

Director: Trinadha Rao Nakkina

Producer: Dil Raju

Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad

Starring: Nani, Keerthy Suresh, Naveen Chandra

Natural Star, Nani is in full thump with five back to back hits. He has currently come up with a young entertainer called Nenu Local. Dil Raju is the producer and this film has hit the screens yesterday.


Babu(Nani) is a joyful go lucky young guy who fell in love with Keerthi(Keerthi Suresh). He starts following her and with great effort lastly manages to excite her. When things appear to be going well, a big disturbance explodes in the form of Keerthi’s father (Sachin Khadekar) and inspector Siddharth Varma(Naveen Chandra).

Who is this police? What is Keerthi’s father up to? How does Babu resolve all his glitches and ends up wedding Keerthi ? That forms the remaining story.

Plus Points:

One of the largest plus points of the movie is the entertaining tale by director Trinadh Rao. Though the script is routine and years old, the actions are filled with great comedy and romance.

Nani takes his fame to the next level with Nenu Local. Everyone has seen Nani’s best performances but Nenu Local displays him in a whole mass role. His dialogue delivery, heroism, and mass avatar are on packed display. Nenu Local, again shows that Nani is gathering interesting movies which will aid his profession big time.

Keerthi Suresh is excellent and her chemistry with Nani is a main boon to the movie. The first half has good entertainment and Nani’s love track with Keerthi has been performed well. Some comedy incidents like the police station and pre-marriage scenes evoke good funniness. Naveen Chandra is striking in his role and so was Hindi actor Sachin Khedekar.

Minus Points:-

There is nothing novel in the story line. Scripts like these, we have gotten many a time in the past. There are several scenes in the movie which have been pushed to no extent and only to upsurge the run time.

The climax of the movie looks a bit over the top and main audience will not be satisfactory with the method in which things are completed. The last fifteen minutes of the 2nd half become slow and immensely predictable.

Technical Aspects:-

Devi Sri Prasad’s tune is certainly strength of the movie. All the songs are quite great and have also been positioned well in the movie. Production by Dil Raju is clean as he has not negotiated on the look of the venture. Dialogues are massy and outfit the body language of Nani well. Editing is okay as there are numerous scenes which required to be edited out.

Approaching to the director Trinadh Rao, he has done a decent job with the movie. Even in his previous project Cinema Choopista Mama, the father in law notion was the foremost theme and here also, the similar thing is repeated. The only variance is there is more amusement and the director has Nani’s star power to raise the proceedings. Trinadh Rao has displayed Nani as a star hero and made this movie a faultless pad to take Nani’s star grade to even better heights.


All over, Nenu Local is a pleasant love story which is intended at the youth and mass audience. The younger generation will certainly connect to Nani’s role and presentation which is the main highlight of the movie. If you overlook the routine story line and expectable proceedings, this movie has decent fun, songs and some light hearted entertaining which makes up for a time pass watch this weekend.


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Nenu Local movie review
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