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Neha Sharma: I feel a sense of gratitude

Neha Sharma speaks about her not so pleasing journey so far and more.


In spite of having been hurled contrary Emraan Hashmi in Crook and a sequence of big-banner movies, Neha Sharma has not seen much fame. The heroine is back with her first romantic melodic, Tum Bin 2. In an open chat, Neha speaks about her character, her botches and the not-so-rewarding trip in Bollywood so far.

With Tum Bin 2, is there stress on you to carry the contract forward after 15 years?

When I approached for the movie, I didn’t have any stress. I observed at it as a brand new story and role. When one makes a franchise movie, it already has a devoted audience. We made a good movie with an attractive narrative.

This is also your first single romantic movie. What have the responses been like?
Everybody was so welcoming and good to me. I got a perfect response when the teaser was out. A lot of individuals from the industry named me to say ‘this is your movie’.

What’s your character like in the film?

I perform the role of Taran, who transfers to Scotland to be with her big sister. Somewhat disastrous happens that alters her life. Mostly, it is a love story.

How did you tie with newcomers Aditya Seal and Aashim Gulati through shooting?
The film was very fervently taxing for all of us. It had amusing moments, but had expressively draining scenes also. Henceforth, I won’t say we had a ball completely. However, we bonded well from day one on the shooting sets. We never had any concerns or hang-ups.

Do you feel like you are still waiting for that one commercial success?
I actually hope Tum Bin 2 will be that one movie. I have been in this commerce for 9 years, but it is not been gratifying enough for me so far. I am still getting discounts in spite of my pictures not doing well. I feel nous of gratitude.

Are you contented with the way your profession has formed up post Crook?
It is unsatisfactory when you put in hard work in a movie and it doesn’t work well. When you are an artist, the whole thing is not under your control. Disappointment actually makes you sturdy.


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