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Navalny, Russian opposition leader appears in the court

Navalny, Russian opposition leader appears in the court

Alexei Navalny the Russian opposition leader has escorted on his arrival to Moscow.

Alexei Navalny the Russian opposition leader has escorted on his arrival to Moscow. After he detained at a dissent against corruption and demanding for the resignation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

The opposition leader has appeared in the court today. After the day that he detained a big rally against the corruption of Russian government that he led yesterday.

In the meanwhile Kremlin has smashed out at the protest organizers and blaming them for keeping the lives at risk by unsanctioned demonstrations

Thousands of protesters are on the streets all across Russia yesterday in one of the biggest show of defiance since 2011-2012 anti-government protests

The Policemen says that about 500 people were arrested and the human rights group said that 1000 people were taken into custody. Russian authorities have been called up by European Union to release demonstrators.

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman rebuke protest organizers by saying that they provoked illegal acts.

“The Kremlin respects people’s civic posture and the right to voice their position,” Dmitry Peskov voiced to reporters. “We could not express the same respect to those who deliberately misled people and who intentionally did it yesterday and incited illegal actions.”

Peskov has defended the police who were seen in manhandling the protesters, some of them were underage and calling their response “highly professional and lawful.”

Asking about the Kremlin’s reaction to the wide layout of the protests which is something that hasn’t been seen since2011, Peskov said “the Kremlin is quite sober about the scale of yesterday’s protests, and which are not be inclined to reduce them or to push them out of proportion.”

Putin has been constantly talks to people and is well-briefed on the sentiment in the country, Peskov claimed.

He also claimed the underage protesters in Moscow were promised cash if they are arrested. Pressing on the source of these claims, Peskov quoted “facts.”

Navalny led the protesters, a fascinating opposition leader the one who has recently announced his bid for presidency. Navalny was grabbed by policemen while walking as a rally from nearby subway station. He posted a selfie on Twitter from the courtroom on Monday morning, saying: “A day and time comes when we’ll also put them on the trial too – and that time that will be fair.” If its found guilty, he might be jailed for 15 days for staging an unauthorized rally.

Navalny and his associates are to be slapped with some new charges could indicate in which the approach the Kremlin will take in dealing with a new wave of displeasure crack down on it even further or exercise restraint.

Russian state television has completely ignored the protests in their broadcasts yesterday, and authorities had not comment on it in any way.

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