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National Racing champion Ashwin Sundar and his wife died in car crash

Ashwin Sundar and his wife Nivedhitha were charred to death as their BMW rammed a roadside tree and burst in flames.

Former National Car racing champion Ashwin Sundar and his wife died in an accident on Saturday after their  car crashed into a tree in Chennai after midnight.

Ashwin Sundar

The couple’s  BMW car hit the roadside tree and the incident happened at the Pattinapakkam area, on the Santhome High Road.

The 27-year-old Ashwin was the National champion F4 in 2012 and 2013. His wife Niveditha, 26, was a doctor at a private hospital.

According to police sources, the car in which Ashwin Sundar and his wife Niveditha traveling caught fire after it crashed the roadside tree. Sundar was driving the car.

The burning of the car was streamed live on social media which instantly went viral on social networks. The eyewitness says that they were unable to save the couple due to the intense heat from the fires.

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Authorities said fire-fighters came to know about the incident around 1:51 am and a team was rushed to the accident place, but it was already too late to rescue the couple.

The Police officials claim that the racer’s over speeding was the main cause of the crash.

When we arrived, the fire was on and we did not know the couple was inside. We extinguished the fire in 16 minutes and found them both trapped. The lady’s legs were seen trapped. The driver’s side of the car was also crushed perhaps making it difficult for Ashwin to move,” a fire department official said.

Sundar had won the national title in car racing and two-wheeler events on several occasions

FMSCI chief Akbar Ebrahim and former Indian F1 driver Karun Chadhok wrote condolence messages on Facebook.

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