Friday , April 26 2019

National Dengue Survey launched in India to tackle the disease

A survey was launched in India to combat the most fatal mosquito-borne viral infections disease “Dengue” 

New Delhi: India is set to conduct a National level survey on Dengue to know the disease pervasiveness in the country.

Dengue fever is one of the most fatal mosquito-borne viral infections in the world, infecting lakhs of people and killing a number of people each year in India.

Dengue Fever

The fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by dengue virus which mainly occurs in the regions of tropical and subtropical.

The survey was scheduled after administration’s apex body rejected to introduce the only antibiotic against dengue in use globally, for use in India last year as there was no indication to prove its ability in the Indian context.

Director of Indian Council of Medical Research, Dr Soumya Swaminathan said, “The medicine works healthier if there is high anti-body rate within the community, and there was not enough India-specific data available for reference that raised safety concerns.”

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“India is a vast country and we do not know much about the consistence of dengue fever, which strain is common in which part of the country etc. There is a need to know more information about the dengue fever and the survey will help us do that.”
According to the government data, in 2016 1, 11,000 cases were reported and 227 persons lost their lives due to the viral disease across India.

The state governments are actively taking measures to eradicate the spread of the viral disease way before the onset of monsoon season when the disease transmission is at its peak.

Experts at ICMR said there was limited data or clinical trials to measure the efficacy of the vaccine, therefore, could not make any further step.

In May, the committee concerned had concluded that the data presented by the company was deficient to show the efficacy and immunogenicity of the antibiotic in Indians. Immunogenicity is the ability of a substance to provoke an immune response in the body.

National Institute of Epidemiology will handle the project. “The tactics for the survey is being developed currently, and we should be able to generate relevant data in about a year from now,” said Dr. Swaminathan.

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