Thursday , March 21 2019

Nasscom Persuade for level fields On H1-B visa Issue

NASSCOM announced a delegation that would head to Washington DC and stay there from February 23 to March 2.

The trade association of Indian IT and BPO  industry “The National Association of Software and Services Companies “(NASSCOM). The association which enables trade in software and services encourages the advancement of research in software technology and businesses.


On Tuesday, Nasscom the deputation of Indian Information Technology industry is trying to persuade the Donald Trump government to position the whole India-US -Information and Communications Technology partnership in a comprehensive context than just visas.

“The main objective of Nasscom’s meeting with the Trump administration is to highlight the assistances made by the Indian companies in the United States,” said Sangeeta Gupta, senior vice-president, Nasscom.

Nasscom Diversity and Inclusion Summit 2017, talking to a media Ms. Gupta said that the talented people mobility should not be confused with immigration. “The IT industry body has advocated skilled labor mobility, where Employees visit the United states for a provisional period of time and it should not be misunderstood as immigration,” she said.

The bill of increasing the minimum salaries of   H1-B visa holders to $130,000, which if it’s passed on US House of Representatives would adversely affect the Indian IT Sector

To discuss this issue Nasscom recently announced a delegation that would head to Washington DC and stay there from February 23 to March 2. “The bill proposed by the United States government has many discriminatory clauses. And it has been fighting for a level playing field,” said Ms. Gupta. She also stated that if the US wants to increase the salaries of H1-B visa labors, it should be applicable to each and every one.

A level playing field should be created without any discrimination. And that’s the stand that Nasscom would believe in,” she added.  “If the rule is for everybody, then we’re happy to compete in that kind of environment,” she said.

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