Wednesday , March 27 2019

Narendra Modi visit to Karunanidhi leaves AIADMK, Congress worried

After Narendra Modi returned to Delhi, the DMK party called off anti-demonetisation activisms in 8 districts, including Chennai.


CHENNAI: In just 10 minutes that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken to breeze in and out of DMK party chief M Karunanidhi’s house in Chennai, he roiled the political cauldron, putting grist in profuse measure to the mill. It was a courtesy of Narendra Modi to visit to the ailing DMK head, but his communication with the DMK scion, M K Stalin set off gossip. Representatives stated that the meeting was began by the PM himself over an emissary and was harmonized by Stalin in the DMK campaign. Most of the state BJP leaders were not conscious of it till late night on this Sunday. In spite of DMK and BJP leaders declining to read any political importance, Modi’s visit had numerous takeaways. After Modi came back to Delhi, the DMK management called off anti-demonetisation activisms in eight districts, including Chennai, planned for Wednesday. The motive cited was heavy rain.

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Stalin, a vicious critic of Modi and the BJP, cut short a UAE tour by one day to receive the Prime Minister. The body language of Modi and Stalin did not betray the original unease amid them. Two of Stalin’s requests for activities were turned down by the Prime Minister in the past, said representatives, but on Monday, Modi made recompense and assuaged hurt feelings by paying a wonder visit to Stalin’s ancestral home.

In a state bogged down by instable politics and a shaky administration, Modi left the DMK management and several others guessing with a parting shot – an invitation to sick Karunanidhi to take rest in PM’s official house in New Delhi. Is Modi’s message intended at the DMK leadership and teams, who are self-assured of wresting power in TN if elections are conducted now? It is yet a warning to several BJP leaders who have been cozying up with the governing dispensation in Tamil Nadu. It has come to a phase where the BJP is bearing the impact of the shoddy show of the Edappadi K Palaniswami rule.

Likewise worried should be DMK’s associate Congress, headed by S Thirunavukkarasar, whose fondness for the AIADMK Mannargudi group is no secret. His superior Rahul Gandhi, after years of evading Gopalapuram, visited Karunanidhi in hospice last December. He even visited Karunanidhi’s house on his birthday in this June.

Reacting to Narendra Modi’s visit, Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi stated the PM has a lot of respect for her father.

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