Tuesday , March 26 2019

Narendra Modi banned Phones in the Official Meetings

Narendra Modi Banned Phones in the Official Meetings

Primee Minister Narendra Modi said that the government officers are using the social media frequently during the meetings and it should be used for the welfare of the people but not for the praise.

Narendra Modi advised the government officers to use the Social media for the welfare of the people, but not for their self-praise.

Addressing the government officials on the civil service day, Narendra Modi cautioned the officers about the usage of the social media, saying that the politicians could be worried about the placements of their pictures, but not bureaucrats.

Modi said, “”Agar Hamari photo idhar se udhar ho jaye to hamari neend haram ho jati hai.” He also added that he has seen the officers who are checking their mobile phones and getting into the social media sites during the official meetings. So, he is going to ban the mobile phones during the meetings.

PM said that in these days the district level officers are so busy and they will be online most of the time and I have stopped coming them with a mobile phone during the meetings with the officers because in the meeting hours they take the phones out and start checking the updates in the social media.

Saying that the world is moving from e-governance to mobile- governance, PM said that informing people about the dates of Polio vaccination through social media is helpful, but during the vaccination related work if am applauding my own photography on Facebook, then it puts a question mark.

In the meeting, he said that he was not a part of the civil service and he did not get any chance to attend any coaching centers like any tuition classes where many of the civil servants will join to qualify for the civil services.

He added that “it is my good luck that I am in public service for the past 16 years, I did not get the chance to attend coaching.”

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