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Nara Rohit New Year’s Resolution

Nara Rohit speaks about his future movie Appatlo Okadundevadu, his future as a producer and wedding plans.


Nara Rohit’s Appatlo Okadundevadu which releases on 30th December today is his 6th release in 2016. “The movie subject is fresh. I act as a Muslim role and its new character for me,” says Rohit. The movie is grounded on the incidents that occurred in Hyderabad in the initial ‘90s.

“This is not the biopic — we simply created a story grounded on those happenings,” says the hero who acts as an ‘encounter specialist in it. “We trace upon a lot of subjects like Cricket, naxalism, globalisation, betrayal, love, hatred and gang wars, in association to our story, without probing deep,” he says.

Newly, a few movies based on real instances were deeply criticised but Nara Rohit is self-assured that his movie is not provocative. “There won’t be a problem for our movie as we have taken an allusion of the lives of a few persons and their involvements. The people associated to those instances are taken as a yarn in the movie. It isn’t hero or villain-centric movie and is totally story grounded,” shares the actor, who co-stars with Sri Vishnu and Brahmaji in the movie.

This is the 3rd time Rohit plays a cop, and this time diverse from his previous roles. “I play a police role that is Muslim and so, there’s a lot occurring about the character because of the religion. It is interesting for me,” he says. Although the movie is releasing post demonetisation, Rohit isn’t anxious.

Accidentally, Rohit’s 2014 movie Prathinidhi had stated a ban on big money. Currently that it has really happened, Rohit is surprised himself. “I had questioned then if it is likely in real life. But now that it has occurred, I can see the glitches it can cause. Yet, good days are ahead of us,” he orates.

The actor has also turned as a producer with this movie. “I just wanted to produce a movie from a long time, but I was waiting for a good venture and this one came along. I want to produce diverse cinema and will endure to do so in future also,” he speaks.

In the past 2 years, the actor has done closely 9 movies. That’s a number associated to the period from his debut movie in 2009 to 2014 when he did only four movies.

“Really I wanted to do 2 to 3 movies a year, but this year, it just occurred. Couple of films was thought to release previous year, but got on hold. Next year, I won’t do many films as I wanted to concentrate on production more. I watch some of the movies directly in theatres and felt that I can give my contributions before its release. Next year I will be focused on quality movies,” he speaks.

“I never mind sharing screen space with anybody. I always give prominence to the story and my role and I am ready to do more multi-starrer movies. If the script is good, I am not concerned by my screen space,” he speaks.

Talking of trolls, Rohit feels it is all part of the game and you have to take the condemnation in a positive manner. “The density should be to do a good movie,” he says. The actor is spending more time in Hyderabad with his family and friends for the party period. His New Year resolution is, to get into shape! “I am operational on it. Next year, you can see a great change,” he says.

Nara Rohit is set to get married next year in 2017. “I have told my parents that I am prepared and they are already in search of a girl,” speaks the actor.


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