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Nara Chandrababu Naidu: Educated folks must have more kids

YSRC MLA Roja stated that Chandrababu Naidu needs to answer first why he had ended with Lokesh and Lokesh with Devansh.


Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu on Monday agitated a hornet’s shell, saying that individuals should have more children to lessen dependency on robots.

He stated several educated couples were not attentive in having babies bearing in mind as a burden the charge of giving birth and raising them.

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Naidu stated that he previously used to inspire family planning, but was currently advising individuals to have more kids as otherwise, a day may come when we could have to get things get done by robots.

“I used to support family planning. But currently, I am asking individuals to have more children, so that our reliance on robots will drop,” Mr. Naidu stated.

“In the current generation, couples wish less number of kids as they consider more will be a problem. This is chiefly evident amid educated couples,” he said.

Criticizing his declaration, YSRC MLA R.K. Roja said that Naidu had to answer why he had ended with Lokesh and Lokesh with Devansh.

Sunkara Padmasri Congress leader said that she was ignorant of Mr. Naidu’s exact purpose, but he might have made those remarks out of umbrage of having a son like Lokesh who is juvenile and incapable of running the show of politics.

Ms. Padmasri speculated how Mr. Naidu could make such remarks when there are businesses and employment chances in the state as well as growth. “How will he offer quality education and chances to the so-called manpower in the future,” she asked.

Retelling Mr. Naidu that he would be in supremacy till 2019, Ms. Padmasri said that before creating any such declarations, one should be in a place to provide essential facilities for their comfort.

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