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Nagarjuna, a Content Dad and Actor

Nagarjuna speaks about his sons and their partners, his future devotional movie and how he’s a stress-free man these days.


Actor Nagarjuna has numerous reasons to smile. With the dual engagements of his two sons, Naga Chaitanya and Akhil, and his enduring accomplishment in the Tollywood, Nagarjuna is one content soul.

Speaking about his sons he states, “I am very pleased that they are wedding the ladies they fell in love with. Chai’s engagement was initially not planned for January, we thought of having it just one month back. Akhil’s wedding might happen first, but I am not certain if there is any alteration in that plan.”

So, did Samantha and Chaitanya fell in love through the shooting of Manam? He smiles when he says he didn’t know and says, “Our scenes were shot distinctly, so I didn’t notice much. In the last scenes, they perhaps behaved themselves as my father was there!”

Nag trusts that his father scheduled everything prettily. “All our family names are there in Manam, including Akhil’s bride’s name, Shriya. I consider that my dad planned that also.”

Nagarjuna is one artist who comes up with diverse genres of movies and characters. After giving out a mass entertainer Soggade Chinni Nayana, the actor has now selected a devotional script Om Namo Venkatesaya which is releasing on February 10th.

“When Raghavendra Rao garu come up to me to do a movie on Lord Venkateswara, my initial retort was ‘what more can we do than Annamayya? But he questioned me to go over the script and I truly liked it. It is about a guy who is in hunt of God,” divulges Nagarjuna.

The hero says that they found only incomplete information about Ram Baba. “J.K. Bharavi, the author, went to several places to collect information but there were diverse stories all over the place. So we made a story with all the info that we got and added some fantasy characters also,” he says.

Nagarjuna speaks that playing worshipful characters has altered his thought process. “After Annamayya, I initiated speaking the ‘real’ Telugu, specifically the elocution. Persons even called me for doing narrations for their movies,” he says. Telling the influence of these roles on his lifespan, the actor speaks, “I don’t do pooja or visit a temple, but those characters set some type of discipline in me. The songs and the dialogues have beautiful mystical meanings and a kind of cleansing occurs. I enjoy performing these characters a lot.”

Captivatingly, all the actor’s devotional movies have been with director K. Raghavendra Rao. “No one apart from him comes to me with devotional subject, that is why I usually go with him,” speaks Nagarjuna.

So, will this movie appeal the youth? “It all hinges on how we visually exhibit the film. Now, people face stress, difficulties and a lot of burden and you can find the responses in this movie. It’s a lovely spiritual journey that everybody can relate to,” he speaks.

Nagarjuna speaks that he is pleased with movies. “My passion is movies and making them. I began producing films newly and love the process. Business comes to me as of my friends, but I am more attentive in movies,” he reveals.

As of now, he is gearing up for the horror movie Raju Gari Gadhi 2 and then looking after the movie careers of his two sons. “My first advice to Akhil is ‘Don’t look for a celebrity image’. We have a grace of making movies and we go in that method,” says Nag. He says, “Akhil signifies the younger generation and I want to get him into his place and start his own drift.”

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