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Naga Chaitanya: I will Marry only after Akhil Ties the knot

Naga Chaitanya on his younger brother’s wedding, his personal love life, and the biopic he desires to do.


Naga Chaitanya says “I can’t tell you the exact time and date, then we are going to get wedded next year,” mentioning to his imminent marriage with heroine Samantha and also said that his younger bro Akhil is to get wedded first.

“Really, dad (Nagarjuna) and I were surprised when Akhil declared his decision to get wedded.  We didn’t guess him to get wedded at such an early age! After he gets engaged and wedded, I will publicize my wedding date,” confirms hero.

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Chaitanya claims that he informed his father of his verdict. “Once I told my dad about Samantha, he just laughed, and told that he is pleased and that he already discerned about our love story,” he told. Speaking about the gossips whether his marriage will be conferring to the Christian and Hindu rituals, he confesses, “I am glad to celebrate my marriage twice — not anything wrong in it”, suggesting that he might select both the ways.

The hero had spoken about his love life and his love Samantha, through the advertising of his future film Premam.

Naga Chaitanya also said that all his networks discerned about their love story and the choice to continue acting in movies is left to Samantha. “There are no limitations on her. It’s totally up to her whether she desires to act in movies or not after marriage,” he speaks.

Being a silent person, Naga Chaitanya favors his personal life to endure simple. “Typically, I prefer not to explain anything that is being spoken about me, but when it goes out of bounds, I retort. I am a silent person and I also want to rejoice (my wedding) in a humble manner, but at the similar time not furtively,” says the hero.

Naga Chaitanya plays 3 phases of lifecycle — teenager, college boy and youngster— in his following movie. “Both, for the characters of the teenager and youngster, I have taken my personal references and used in the movie to up my presentation,” he says.

The hero also uttered his curiosity to do remake Two States. “I viewed the Hindi movie and I adored it. I overheard that someone has previously bought the remake privileges for the Telugu version,” he told.

Naga Chaitanya is also attentive in being part of a biopic. “If someone asks me to select a biopic, it would be doing Karthikeyan, since I love racing,” says the hero.


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