Monday , March 18 2019

My government will celebrate Tipu Jayanti this year too: Siddaramaiah

CM Siddaramaiah expressed to reporters that the appointments to the boards and corporations would be done in 2 days.


Mangaluru: At last the government has decided to make appointments to the state-run boards and corporations. Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah expressed to reporters that the appointments to the boards and corporations would be done in 2 days.

“The appointments had to be on hold as we had intervening holidays. We will do the appointments in 2 days,” the CM, who was in Mangaluru to attend the inaugural ceremony of Bantawalada Buntara Bhavana on Sunday, said to reporters.

He rejected the political moves by ex-minister Srinivas Prasad who had quit the Congress party recently. “Let him join BJP or JD (S), we are not bothered about which party he joins,” he stated.

On the Rudresh murder case and the demand made by RSS to ban Popular Front of India (PFI), Siddaramiah marvel about the activities RSS affiliates were pamper in.

Stating that the government will celebrate Tipu Jayanthi this year too, the CM Siddaramaiah assured that steps would be taken to maintain law and order throughout the event. He conveyed his anger against the BJP for confusing people about the steel bridge project in Bengaluru.

“The BJP had designed this project in 2010. A detailed project report too was prepared. The BJP was in power then. They never against it when there was a discussion in the Assembly in 2014. Now they are lying,” he added.

Protests, black flags greet Siddaramaiah

CM Siddaramaiah who reached in Udupi to lay the foundation stone for the new building of a government hospital, was welcomed by protests and black flags. The government has come to an understanding with NRI businessman B.R. Shetty for the building of the new building of the hospital in Udupi.

This move has been harshly criticized by several organizations and political parties who state it to be ‘privatization’ of government hospitals. Ex-MLA U.R. Sabhapathy went on a hunger strike against privatization of the hospital while CPI(M) activists showed black flags near Udupi bus stand.

Janata Dal (Secular) workforces held a cavalcade against privatization and were detained by the police. Police arrested BJP leader Raghupathy Bhat, MLA Sunil Kumar and MLC Kota Srinivas Poojary too, who have conflicting the project.

Speaking to reporters Mr Siddaramaiah denied privatization of the hospital. “There is opposition by some due to lack of info. The problem is because people are ‘extra intelligent,’ here,” the CM stated sardonically. “Though the government has the capacity to undertake the work, Mr B.R. Shetty himself has volunteered to renew the hospital,” he stated.

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