Tuesday , April 23 2019

Mumbai: Passenger opens Indigo plane’s emergency chute, 1 hurt

Indigo flight

Mumbai: A 31-year-old Mumbai city resident was arrested on Friday after he apparently opened the emergency exit of the Chandigarh-bound Indigo flight (6E 4134) while it was stationary at the Mumbai airport, flashing off a security scare.

Akshay Mohan, 31, a professional movie editor and a resident of Juhu Tara Road, was thought to fly to his hometown Chandigarh with his brother Ashish Mohan.

Mr Ashish Mohan claims that Akshay Mohan had been behaving “strange” since Friday morning but could not possibly be a security threat. Officers of the airport police station are interrogating the brothers. This is the 2nd such incident in the last 3 years.

The incident took place on Friday morning when shortly after boarding was complete on IndiGo flight 6E 4134. While the aircraft was still and before it could push back for taxiing, Akshay Mohan, who was seated on 12C, all of a sudden opened the emergency exit door, which automatically extravagant the evacuation slide.

As soon as the cabin crew on board saw this, the Captain-in-Command was alerted. In this process, a co-passenger seated on 12A received bumps.

“Taking a safety measure, the Captain immediately informed the ground staff of the situation on board and educated the team to arrange for medical assistance and other necessary action,” stated the IndiGo’s spokesman.

Akshay Mohan was handed over to the security staff and the CISF arranged at Mumbai airport. The IndiGo spokesman stated that the airline had filed a FIR against Akshay Mohan. Officers stated Mr Ashish Mohan claimed Akshay Mohan to be of unsound mind, but there was no evidence with them to prove the same.

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