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Mumbai-based family cries of ‘ghost attack’ in Hyderabad lodge

When police force checked the CCTV footage, they found no hints of any ghost attack.

The police searched the lodge but found nothing.

Hyderabad: A family from Mumbai, who was staying in a lodge nearby Charminar, complained to the police force that they were attacked by a ghost. Syed Mushtaq, 60, and his son Habib ask for that a headless man go into their room at Cozy Lodge on Saturday and beat them up.

When police checked the CCTV recording, they found no bits of any attack. The police searched the cottage but found nothing. The father and the child claimed that the flicker had beaten them with a stick and tried to bang their skulls against the wall when they tried to hit back. But the police force found no marks on their bodies.

No one came to apartment, CCTV displays

A family from Mumbai, who was residing in a lodge near Charminar, gave a complained to the police that they had been attacked by a flicker.

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Eight members of the family are staying in three adjacent housings at the lodge. Rendering to the police, at about 1.20 am on Saturday, Mushtaq and Habeeb ran out of their room shouting. The six other family members asleep in adjacent rooms awoke and hurried to them. The child and father told them that they had been attacked by a mystic entity.

“We sent three officers to examine the place. They examined the building but nothing was found,” said inspector G. Shyamsunder of the Hussaini Alam forces.

CCTV tape showed that no one had gone in the room and a search verified that no one could go in through the window. The family moved to one more lodge without informing the police.

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Mumbai-based family cries of ‘ghost attack’ in Hyderabad lodge
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