Saturday , February 16 2019

MS Dhoni will help Cricketers in Anil Kumble absence

Anil Kumble absence won’t affect Indian cricket team says Rajkumar Sharma.


New Delhi: Rajkumar Sharma, Virat Kohli’s childhood Coach on Friday said that the Indian cricket team won’t be exaggerated by the absenteeism of Anil Kumble through the first one-day international contrary to the West Indies being frolicked in Port Spain today.

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Raj Kumar also said that the existence of Mahendra Singh Dhoni will aid the young people in overcoming the similar thing.

“A coach is always neglected to write out policies, but this crowd has a wonderful experience. Previously also, we did not have any coach; somewhat a director was employed to watch over the crew. Currently, we have certain mature players and Dhoni is also there to aid them, even Kohli is also there,” Sharma told the media.

Sharma even said that “There might be certain differences (amid Kohli and Kumble) and it is well if keep the talks that occur in the dressing room there itself.”

Kumble submissive from the position of head coach after India grieved an 180-run defeat contrary to Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final match. General Manager of Cricket Operations MV Sridhar has currently been employed to oversee the Indian crew through their trip to the West Indies. 

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