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Movie review ‘Appatllo Okadundevadu’: An excellent movie that starts poorly

Nara Rohit’s newest, Appatlo Okkadundevadu is a fair ride. He shares screen space with , Sagar K. Chandra, Sree Vishnu is the director while Tanya Hope acting the female lead. Nara Rohit also marks his debut as creator with this film.


The flick starts with (Sasha Singh)  journalist Ria who seeks to know more about (Sree Vishnu)cricketer Railway Raju. She comes to Hyderabad and starts chasing for more angles and soon chances a few of his friends who take her back to the early 90s. Raju desires to be part of the Ranji team but an truthful police officer,  Imtiaz (Nara Rohit) who lost a father to a landmine attack makes a link between a woman Naxal and Raju. He proves the extreme is actually his sister. Imtiaz quickly brings Raju in for curious and this destroys his cricket visions. A furious Raju chooses to take revenge on Imtiaz and goes down a path of violence.

After completed his debut with the challenging Ayyare, director Chandra proves why he is very good with direction and plot-making. His plot depends on a few Naxal-related cases that took place in the early 1990s. The weaving in of narrative has been done with substantial skill by Chandra. The show rides on the emotional drive of Railway Raju who wishes to be a cricketer and goes down an incorrect path because of his relations with his Naxalite sister. It’s sad because he is not actually involved in naxalism so the plot reeks of a thousand real stories.

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But it’s similar with the police officer Imtiaz Khan, who decides to take revenge on Naxalites. The director very smartly mentions a few occurrences between 1992 and 1996 years and has completed the second half of the picture incredibly gripping. The climax particularly, is a big astonishment and the last half an hour of the show is an emotional roller-coaster. But there are rare problems with Appatlo Okkadundevadu. The first half-an-hour of the film is a main drag and that it bores moviegoers. Chandra’s casting has been flawless. The director must also be appreciated for upcoming out with a unique topic — one that’s worth creating a movie on.

Nara Rohit too, has chosen an interesting screenplay to both act in and create. He doesn’t play the key lead because he has engrossed his attention on other stuffs. He has done a very good job as the police and has truly lived the character. For Sree Vishnu, this is the ultimate platform of his talent — the movie has taken out his best.  Brahmaji also, is a revelation, and we find his role uplifting. He plays Vittal Shetty — a video parlour proprietor who has been a long-time Raju follower. Tanya Hope is firmly okay and not very imposing. Ajay ,Rajiv Kanakala,and Prabhas Srinu are also found in helpful roles. Sasha Singh shows the young journalist and she is decent. Appatlo Okadundevadu is an interesting movie with an unpredicted climax. Director Sagar K Chandra’s neat story and the way he has controlled the cast and the movie certainly says volumes about his skill.

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