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Most Carrots, Samples of Onions in Hyderabad Contained E coli

Keep breathing, 98.1% of carrots and 75.5% of samples of onions analyzed for bacterial colonies are unfit for human consumption. They contain E coli, the harmful bacteria that is present in the human digestive system and causes gastroenteritis.

e coli

The presence of E coli in foods means that foods served in restaurants have come into contact with human fecal matter – either from contaminated water or from dirty hands. Flies and cockroaches are also culprits.

The mega study conducted by the Center for Food and Drug Toxicology Research and the Department of Biological Statistics of the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) based on the city covering 463 street food samples appeared in the February issue of the British Food Journal. According to the study, peeled and cut fruits left uncovered have 13.4 times the risk of E coli contamination compared to fruits kept in closed containers.

“The objective … is to identify and prioritize key street food safety practices that lead to microbial contamination, which will help develop and design training materials Tailored for street food vendors in the future “outside. Of the 463 samples tested for microbial contamination, 163 were salads, 150 fruit juices and 150 samples of purified pani.

The bacteria found on the analyzed foods were S aureus, E coli, Salmonella spp., Shigella spp., Bacillus cereus and Yersinia spp. “Pani Puri samples from the vendors, who had no soap in the distribution unit, had a significantly higher contamination of faecal coliforms than those who had,” the study found.

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The diseases they cause range from mild, simple movements and vomiting to severe food poisoning, even leading to death. Previous studies have found that soft drinks and fountain sodas, even in large shopping malls, are contaminated with E coli.

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Most Carrots, Samples of Onions in Hyderabad Contained E coli
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