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More Views for this Video of Hyderabad Cop, He Dismissed

NEW DELHI: Hyderabad Traffic Police is finally taking action against a cop who was taken to the camera by taking a bribe. The video, shot on a mobile phone, quickly became viral on social media after being posted on the official Facebook page of the Hyderabad traffic police last Friday.

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Sridhar Vemula, a Hyderabad resident, shared the one-minute video that shows a traffic police shooting a middle-aged man on a two-wheeler not wearing a helmet. After a few seconds of discussion, the man takes his wallet and seems to give back money. The traffic policeman takes the money and lets the man go away. At least three other members of the traffic police staff can be seen in the frame – but none of them seems to be aware of what is going on.

Mr. Vemula shared the video on the Facebook page of the Hyderabad Traffic Police on 17 March, saying that the incident took place earlier that night in Himayat Nagar. It took 24 hours for the Hyderabad traffic police to recognize the position. “Steps will be taken ….” they commented in response to the video.

Meanwhile, the video has become viral. The initial position of Mr. Vemula was seen more than 500,000 times and shared more than 10,000 times. The video was quickly broadcast on a series of popular Facebook pages and YouTube channels, provoking strong reactions and generating lakhs of views.

On March 20, the Hyderabad traffic police responded to the initial message saying, “He is removed from the traffic department and disciplinary action will be taken as per rule.

Look at what happened here: 

Deccan Chronicle quoted a senior traffic police official as saying that home custody had gone and that the process of “withdrawal from service” had begun.

While many have welcomed the measures taken against the cop of the traffic for taking the bribe, some have called for action against the man who also gives it.

“Why not cancel the license of the person who gives the bribe? It is also responsible for wrongdoing,” a person commented.

“Do not blame only the Hyderabad traffic police. The (public) man is also responsible for the shameful incident, “wrote Ms Haseeb Uddin on Facebook.

Meanwhile, others thought the penalty was excessive. “Give him a punishment or suspend him without paying for a month,” wrote Mahesh Kumar.

“If they were well paid, it would not happen,” commented Harshita Makvana.

“Ask yourself to motivate them by providing them with benefits and incentives. They take money because the salary is less. I hope you are aware of this,” wrote Nitin Kasera.

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