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More RTA services to go online in West Godavari

RTA is going to provide additional services in online

Road transport authorities(RTA) decided to provide additional services in online. The services include endorsement or termination of finances, transfer of ownership and issue of permits. These services will be made available within a week in order to make it more useful for people to benefit them.

RTA services


Earlier, people faced problems regarding the vehicle registrations, where there was a large cue and it takes a lot of time for registration for each and every individual. But, the government made it easy by implementing the online vehicle registration and now it is planning to implement new and additional services through online which are not available.

Permits for the vehicles which are issued through online process will be valid for a period of five years, people wishing to either obtain or terminate finances for the acquisition of a vehicle can endorse the application in online  and people wishing to purchase a second-hand one or sell their vehicles can endorse for the ownership transferred by online process.

The RTA authorities say that people who want to avail any of these services have to upload their details in the recommended format and can get their documents online within a specified period.

The main purpose of these online services is to provide a convenient way for the people, and no need to visit their offices on multiple scenarios and wait in long queues. It also helps to reduce depending on brokers and officials who accept bribes to get work done.

In order to avail the driving license to drive a transport vehicle each and every individual must have a pass class of Class VIII and should possess minimum age of 20 years. This is unlike the requirements for a license to drive a two-wheeler or light motor vehicle, where one has to complete 18 years of age.

The online services are going to be launched very shortly, and the following arrangements will be done in an effective manner said,  deputy commissioner (Transport) for West Godavari S. Satyanarayana Murthy.

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