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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update to include Many Unique Features

Microsoft Windows 10 recent Update to include new features including 3D Gaming, drawing tools and tools to improve your web browser. 



On April 11, Microsoft Windows 10 Users are going to be wowed by its recent update which offers 3D Gaming, drawing tools, game-broadcasting capabilities and facilities to redefine your web browsing experience. The “Creators Update” will ensure that the future updates will not be disruptive.

Microsoft’s Creators Update foresees a roll out to 400 million Windows 10 devices globally. Although it not scheduled but the Windows 10 installed devices will avail the update first which would ease out the tech giant to work on older devices which seem little more painstaking.

Here are five things to check out in the new update:

Website Clutter

The Internet Users mostly open a web browser for a variety of tasks like researching, finding info on a product or service, surfing news portal and sometimes they open all at a time which makes their work troublesome. So, Windows 10’s Edge browser introduces a small icon on the upper left corner for setting aside a group of websites, which you can work on later for a better focus on a particular thing at a time. When the User wants them back he can hit an adjacent icon to restore those tabs.

Digital doodles

The company’s “Anniversary Update” announced Windows Ink, which enabled Users to highlight or doodle on documents with a finger or stylus on a touch-screen computer.  Windows apps for Maps and Photos are included in Creators Update. The User can draw the photos and videos using virtual markers and share them with their friends and on Maps, the User can mark an area in the map and share it to a friend asking him to meet there. These Maps app offers more than that of Google or Bing maps. It helps calculating the distance of the travelling route with a “measure distance” icon. The company is also selling e-books online which can be opened as a tab in Ms Edge although presently Ink is not compatible with its e-books.

In 3-D

The Windows 1.0 graphics app in 1985  called Paint is rebuild with an ability to create images in 3-D. The cube icon at the top of Paint would help in doing so. More such objects can be obtained from 3-D online community called Remix. It also has few fascinating capabilities with the 3-D images created by the User in compatible with  3-D printers and printing services.


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