Sunday , April 21 2019

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cloud Book vs Google’s Chromebook

The tech giant, Microsoft, is making Windows 10 Cloud to beat the  competition with Google’s Chromebook.

 A Microsoft hardware event which was focussed on education is going to take place on May 2nd.  If rumors are to be believed Redmond could be launching a computing device which would run on Windows 10 Cloud, almost similar to Google Chromebooks which runs on Chrome OS.

Windows 10 Cloud is said to only run Windows Store apps by default until some changes are made in the settings.

In the month of December MS Power User  has spotted a patent which highlighted that Redmond’s cloud OS might possess some extra features, however, Chrome OS already have them. This enabled a User signing in on any device and access all the files and apps sitting inside. Presently in case of Windows 10 the most we can do is sync the setting and the Windows product key.

The tech giant would be very anxious to take on the search engine giant Google in the education segment where there is a continuous strive to produce cheaper and convenient devices. The Windows 10 Cloud is thought to be the companies potential invention to rule over the ARM territory which is presently ruled by Android and Chrome OS.

Stay tuned for more updates on Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud Book.




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