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Microsoft Xbox One Controllers can be Customized

Microsoft’s Design-Your-Own Xbox One Controllers can be personalised according to own taste. But The Xbox Design Lab is only for the US and Puerto Rico.


Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab store came into market in 2016 and it was indeed spectacular.  It allows the User to alter an the color setup of the Xbox One controller’s according to their taste and even modify and add a name or message.  It has 8 million possible combinations. The design-your-own controller’s is available to Users in US and Puerto Rico. It looks like it’s staying in this way for the anticipated future.

When fans asked on Twitter about Xbox Design Lab’s availability in UK, Aaron Greenberg, Xbox marketing boss told there should get comfortable. Even though Microsoft received feedbacks on opening the store to other markets, it’s not possibly happening yet.

“Not at this time unfortunately,” he said. “[The] team has heard the feedback from fans who want in more markets.”

Microsoft, Last year, revealed that it is going to launch Xbox Design Lab in other countries in 2017, although it does not look feasible yet.

Xbox Design Lab controllers costs $80 ($20 more than the standard price), and when custom laser-engraving costs of $10 extra are added it sums up to the price of $90.

The Users can transform the color of the menu buttons, D-pad, ABXY buttons, thumbsticks, triggers  and view and controller’s bumpers. The custom-made message needs to be within 16 characters in length.

A US Customer can make their own customized controller by visiting Xbox Design Lab website .

According to a recent Xbox Design Lab news, Greenberg lately shared the story of a User who proposed by engraving a controller to say, “Mandy, marry me?” She said yes.

Microsoft is the only company providing such personalized platform wherein it has an official design-your-own controller program.




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