Friday , December 14 2018

Microsoft Xbox Live Outages with Sign in Issues

Microsoft Xbox One Live online service is disconnected and has sign in issues. This outage is resolved by Microsoft, but the reason is not disclosed.

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Today, Microsoft’s Xbox Live online service is down due to an outage which affected its users on Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs, and Windows phones. As they could not sign into their accounts and access features like cloud saves and online multiplayer. Ultimately some of the Xbox Live services were restored but the reason was not revealed. Now, the only concern on Microsoft’s official status page is one relating to the Xbox One video game, Poker Central and its unlikely many users are being affected by that.

Microsoft confirmed in their site that the Xbox core services signing in problem “We are aware that some members may be having problems signing in to Xbox Live,” the support message reads. Microsoft told that they will resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and give timely updates to the Users. ” Here are some of the problems players are currently reporting: “0x8013153b error code when trying to access the store on the Xbox One,” one User wrote. With Xbox Live outages, players could not sign in to play games or boot up applications. The online multiplayer games showing errors and restricting customers to create new accounts or sign in to their accounts

Whilst the outage was just like a small technical bug (and which was resolved quickly) Microsoft also had few more online service outages with their Skype, Outlook, and One Drive services in addition to Xbox Live all going offline for an extended period of time just over a week ago. It’s still not certain if today’s outage is part of it.

This means that online multiplayer games are showing an error, customers can’t create new Xbox Live accounts or sign in to their existing accounts.

An Xbox Live outage is no more a surprise as this service has been experiencing down time quite often. With this outage single-player games are highly affected and are unplayable because they need an online server connection.


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