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Microsoft utilizes in Windows 10 File Explorer to promote its Services


Microsoft’s, adverts are popping up in windows 10 explorer. It includes messages about great deals in One Drive.


Microsoft seems to leverage the space of Windows 10 with its Adverts. And now it has utilized another spot:inside File Explorer. The Windows 10 Creators Update appears to comprise messages about the great deals in One Drive storage.

It covers the notifications to sign up for Microsoft’s cloud storage service (One Drive) at the Quick Access screen while opening a new File Explorer window.

In the month of October, a Reddit User reported after noticing a prompt to sign into One Drive.  The recent prompt is an advert, which has the Service’s price and letting people click a button o “learn more” about it button for people to get more understanding about the service.

As per the Tech Giant’s email to  The Verge, it disagreed that the adverts are service one’s and said that the One Drive pop-up is a “tip” and it allows the user to stop it altogether.

 “The new tips notifications within the File Explorer in Windows 10 were designed to help Windows 10 customers by providing quick, easy information to enhance the experience relative to storage and cloud file management,” a spokesperson said. “That said, with Windows 10 customers can easily opt out of receiving these notifications if they choose.”

Even though it can be terminated but the intrusion is still frustrating. The Operating systems have no adverts .  You’ve already paid the price of admission to use the operating system when you bought the computer it’s running on, so Microsoft is really just using this as a way to push its own services and make more money, at the expense of a better experience.

The practice isn’t very competition-friendly, either. Microsoft is taking advantage of its place at the core of your system to advertise a product where competitors like Dropbox and Google can’t reach you (though they’d probably love to, if they could). Microsoft has a huge opportunity to reach people here who aren’t already familiar with cloud storage, and it’s likely determined that’s a worthwhile trade-off for the inconvenience.

Microsoft has been going down this path for a while. It already puts ads in some cases on the Windows 10 lock screen and in the Start menu and has popped up ads from the task bar, too. Back when Windows 8 was a thing, Microsoft placed ads inside some of its own apps.

The award-winning technology Journalist and blogger,  Paul Thurrott has published an article describing how we can disable the ads, so it can be helpful for the people who are using Windows 10 and do not want the ads to display.

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