Tuesday , March 26 2019

Microsoft to support Government’s Fortifying Efforts against Cyber Crime

Microsoft Specialists, Mexico, and other Latin American Specialists to work together against Cyber Crimes.


Microsoft has declared the launch of its Cyber Security center in Mexico, supporting the Government’s effort to curb cyber crime. It is indeed helping corporations and citizens to have protected access to the Internet. The Microsoft’s Cyber Security Engagement Centre will take care of the cyber securities of Mexico and other Latin American countries.

“By opening this Cyber Security Center, we are offering our clients protection from attacks and security risks, as well as ways to detect them and find solutions,” Jorge Silva, General Manager of Microsoft Mexico, said in a statement released this weekend.

“At Microsoft, we are committed to investing in the region so we can bring our cyber security capabilities to customers by identifying current threats that affect the economy’s prosperity,” Silva said.

The center will strive to combat cyber-crime by dismantling criminal organizations that operate using Botnet schemes. Furthermore, Microsoft specialists will work for hand in hand with cyber security professionals from Mexico and elsewhere in Latin to fight cyber-crime.

“By opening this center, we are bringing Microsoft’s offer of security increasingly closer to customers in order to be a strategic part of their transformation, and together we will create a country and a region that are more prosperous and productive, and above all, that are safer,” Silva said.

This launch is believed to be an effort by Microsoft to reinforce its journey towards digital transformation and its promise to help people and organizations. Jorge Silva discussed the global initiative as the Company’s unique strategy on strengthening IT Security, through continuous practice of protecting, detecting and responding to security threats.



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Microsoft to support Government’s Fortifying Efforts against Cyber Crime
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