Tuesday , March 19 2019

Microsoft to Launch Enhanced Creators Update on April 11

Microsoft to launch Creators Update with added features, Surface Book and Surface Studio.


Microsoft will soon to launch Surface Book and Surface Studio devices in markets which is available for pre-order sales in new markets, Surface Book and Surface Studio are available for pre-order on April 20 in new markets like Britain, China, Austria, Finland, France, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

The best way to avail the Creators Update is through the Windows Insider programme.

Windows 10 Creators Update will have additional features like Microsoft Edge browser, game broadcasting facilities like Beam, 3D Designing facilities and security and privacy up gradation.

The Creators Update can provide effective tab management facilities to manage the Web clutter and protect tabs.

The newly integrated tab management features can enable Users to preview all opened tabs as thumbnails and arrange tabs aside to start afresh, providing a clean browser feel.

The Tech Giant revealed that this Microsoft Edge is more compatible and safer to use. It protects from phishing and malicious software.

On the other end, the Creators Update adds more to the Edge by integrating Ebates, Intel TrueKey, Read & Write, Ghostery, and RoboForm among others. Moreover, Microsoft Edge becomes the only browser with a built-in Cortana.

Users can play Netflix movies in 4K Ultra HD resolution and rejoice their playing experience than before. Additionally, Creators Update including Windows Ink enables the Users to draw or write on your photos and videos with a variety of pens, create 3D objects from scratch on Paint 3D, and write or draw directly on a web page. The digital pen is a phenomenal tool to mark up digital documents on Word file. The company has added excess features to Cortana to enhance User experience. Beam broadcasting technology is an added advantage for enhancing gaming experience this helps Users to broadcast gameplay on Windows 10 and Xbox One.


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