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Microsoft Surface Studio Review

Microsoft Surface Studio, a touchscreen display with high-end hardware and professional-grade software


Satya Nadella, says “We want to move from people needing Windows, to choosing Windows, to loving Windows,” and indeed it seems to become a reality.

Microsoft Surface Studio is altogether a new experience, it fits well in a row of iMacs and MacBooks in an open-plan office. The monochromatic sleek aluminum surface with splendid gentle features makes it look like Apple-y. The most striking feature is its 28.125 inches, 4,500 pixels tall and 3,000 pixels wide, bright screen. People halfway across the town will notice the screen. The 3:2 aspect ratio makes it a little more square than your average Monitor. It is having a smooth exceptional touchscreen, a fine surface for a pen input, and an outstanding high-resolution screen for fine-point drawing.

The computery bits of the Studio is stuffed into the base of the 21 compound machine, unlike iMac which has behind the display. It consumes 9 inches of your desk but gracefully fits maintaining aesthetics. It is light and easy to move. If you keep in 90 degrees it looks like other desktop but if you grab the top or bottom edge it goes all the way down to a 20-degree angle and holds firm at any point in between making it best for drawing and working with two hands or pen magnetically attached to the side of the screen. The palm recognition feature is phenomenal and it feels like working on a touchscreen.

The screen looks fantastic and the design feels considered and correct. But as a computer—processors and memory, circuit boards and USB ports—I can only call the Surface Studio pretty ordinary.

Overall, the Surface Studio is a brilliant invention by Microsoft. This is best suited for creative professionals. The Surface Studio has a 28-inch LCD touchscreen which is the thinnest LCD monitor ever built and the display panel has 4500×3000 pixel resolution (63 percent higher than 4K) and 192ppi pixel density.

Microsoft has not yet revealed anything about its plans to release the Surface Studio in India.



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