Sunday , April 21 2019

Microsoft Replaces Wunderlist with a New To-Do App

The new Microsoft To-Do app has some intelligent algorithms thrown in. This is will take the place of Wunderlist app.


After a few weeks of Microsoft declaring that it will no longer support Windows Vista, the tech giant has announced that it will also replace the app Wunderlist with a new organization app.

It is named as To-Do app which was released last week on Windows, iPhone, Android, and the web. Although the company did not confirm any switchover date saying it’s still early days for To-Do, which is currently only available as a preview.

It was really an unexpected move, just almost two years after Microsoft paid around $100 and $200 million for the development of Wunderlist’s developer 6Wunderkinder. “The addition of Wunderlist to the Microsoft product portfolio fits squarely without ambition to reinvent productivity for a mobile-first, cloud-first world,” Microsoft said in a statement at the time.

To-Do work is still in progress and it is developed by the Wunderlist team only. It is much simpler and easy to use, it lets you make multiple lists, add notes, specify deadlines and set reminders. Although  To-Do has no collaboration tools as of now like Wunderlist this doenot enable you to share your lists, assign tasks to other people, or add comments. The other drawbacks are that there are no folders, handy Mail To feature,  hashtags or attachments. The handy Mail To feature in Wunderlist was quite popular which lets us to convert emails into actions by just forwarding them to the app. However, the To-Do’s most interesting tool is the Intelligent Suggestions that it has which reminds timely on the tasks which need your attention first.

Stay tuned for more Microsoft Product News.


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