Monday , February 18 2019

Microsoft replaced by Android in OS market worldwide

Microsoft suffers by loosing its position to Android with its Window 10 loosing demand than Android Systems.

Microsoft suffered a huge blow in its push for standing on top of global standards with the Android technology overtaking Microsoft’s Windows software popularity.  

The booming demand for Android technology benefitted Google’s mobile software which saw a jump in its position to the top of the list which was previously occupied by Windows for 30 years since 1980.

Microsoft wanted its Windows 10 software to gain popularity with getting installed in more than a billion devices but so far it could make only 400 million installs. The research made by StatCounter, an online research firm which keeps a track on the number of Users worldwide. The research suggests that 37.93 per cent of the internet usage on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile during the month of March 2017 is taken by Android. Whereas, Windows made 37.91 per cent which has made replacing it in the list. Microsoft’s leadership in OS market worldwide has come to an end and it brings the huge opportunity for Android System to rule the place. Five years ago, Android systems could manage only 2.4 per cent of all internet usage. But the popularity boosted all of a sudden might be because of the tremendous growth of Android smartphones usage in countries like India and China which declined the Use of PCs and Laptops.

“This is a milestone in technology history and the end of an era,” commented Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter CEO.  

Although Window is still ruling the Desktop market with 84 per cent share and has left behind Apple’s Mac Software. It also has grasp over Europe market wherein it has 51.7 per cent shares which beats Android which has only 23.6 per cent. In North America, Windows tops the list but its Asian market share of 52.2 per cent was twice that of Windows on 23.6 per cent. 

The Search Engine giant Google seems waiting for its next mobile release will can boost its market share more.

Google also declared few additional features like picture-in-picture mode for phones, what apps run disabling in the background for increasing battery life, and modifications in the notifications displaying.

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