Wednesday , January 23 2019

Microsoft paused its Skype WiFi services from March 31

Microsoft is terminating its Skype WiFi service worldwide from March 31. The reason behind this discontinue, is that the Microsoft officials are trying to focus on ‘core’ features.


Recently Microsoft confirms through its Skype FAQ(Frequently asked Questions) page that the users can’t download the Skype WiFi application after March. This means the Users cannot download Skype WiFi application for Android and iOS. Those who have installed it will have no access to the hotspots. But the Users with Skype Credit can use it for calling mobile or landline numbers.

During an interview, Microsoft officials declared this by saying,”We’re retiring Skype WiFi globally so we can better focus our efforts on bringing you the best possible experience through our core Skype features.” Skype WiFi-enabled users to connect to any supported public WiFi hotspot to access the web, open mail inbox and make free calls.

In the month of June 2015, Microsoft declared that the company has updated a new version of Microsoft WiFi called Skype WiFi. But, when asked about Microsoft WiFi, after the pausing of Skype WiFi or whether it is getting out of the WiFi hotspot access services altogether, Microsoft Officials didn’t reveal anything and kept silent. But the Microsoft WiFi Website which had a “coming soon” message is down now.

Microsoft had plans to design Microsoft WiFi so that both consumers and business customers can use. For Business customers it was integrated with Office 365 plans. Skype WiFi allows users to get online using Skype Credit via more than two million WiFi hotspots globally.

In late June 2016, Microsoft quietly deactivated the feature which was used for messaging between Windows 10 PCs and Windows Phones and Android phones without using Skype. Previously, if Cortana was installed on both devices, that type of communication worked without requiring the SMS Relay feature in Skype Preview.

According to the Microsoft resources, the pausing of Skype WiFi is an essential step to focus on developing advanced Skype features for better User experience.

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