Monday , February 18 2019

Microsoft Offers Patent Troll Defence for Cloud Customers

Microsoft Corporation has thought up a new way to attract prospective customers to its cloud computing service: preventive against patent trolls.


Businesses new to the cloud are susceptible to non-practicing things, which do not make any goods themselves but use their arsenal of comprehensive technology patents to litigate other companies in order to extract payments or a cash settlement.

The new proposing could plea to companies new to the cloud arena, demanding a service such as Microsoft’s Azure to stock their data or host their mobile app.

It was not perfect that it alone would be sufficient to draw clients away from the market leader, Inc’s Amazon Web Services.

In a plan revealed on Wednesday, Microsoft said clients of its cloud service could depend on any of 10,000 Microsoft copyrights free of charge to daunt legal threats contrary to them.

The Redmond, Washington-based firm also said it would prolong its existing promise to guard any clients sued over Azure to embrace the liberally available or ‘open source’ technology integrated into its cloud service.

The security is designed to plea to an automaker, for example, which might have car-related patents but has no such asylum for its mobile apps and other cloud-based products, creating it a target.

“They haven’t had years to build up that patent portfolio,” said Julia White, Microsoft corporate vice president, in an interview. “Cloud innovation is far too important to be stifled by lawsuits.”

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