Thursday , February 21 2019

Microsoft now killing off its most hated ever product – and it could cause a BIG problems

Microsoft is finally pulling the plug on one of its most disappointing


The company has confirmed that one of Microsoft most hated ever products is to finally be killed off finally.

With Windows 10 now the company established operating system of choice, and another major update in the works, the computer giant has confirmed it to stop supporting the older platforms.

On the chopping block is the much maligned Windows Vista operating system that was originally released back a decade ago January 2007.

Vista support isn’t just on its way out, it has already been in its final days, with Microsoft confirming that it will be completely stopping the support of the platform within a month.

If, for some reasons, you have been still using a Vista-powered machine, the all important date is April 11 last date to update.

After then, Vista machines will fail to add further update of windows and will not receive any more security patches.

The platform will then lose update access to Microsoft’s antivirus, Security Essentials, meaning machines quickly would become the targets of hackers.

The machines that those running the Vista are advised to upgrade their system immediately or risk being unprotected to those against potentially damaging cyber attacks.

Eventually, Vista was widely criticized from day one, receiving some low scoring reviews and failing to grab consumer’s imaginations.

It’s just not Microsoft that’s ceasing the support for Vista, either.

Mozilla has recently announced that Vista users would soon be no longer able to download or use the latest versions of its Firefox web browser.

This follows Google’s moved to halt support for the older Windows platforms for its own Chrome browser.

While in the mean, Windows Vista is on the way out. However, Windows 10 is on the way up and it currently powers more than 500 million devices.

This doesn’t make it the most popular platform around though.

Instead, that honor belongs to Windows 7 that continues to powers half of the world’s PCs, with a dominant percentage of 48.41 market share.

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