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Microsoft Launches Xbox Academy for Game Development Processes

Microsoft in collaboration with Academy of Interactive Entertainment is all set to take classes on game development processes for school-aged children.

Microsoft is launching a revolutionary Xbox Academy in Microsoft Store in Sydney, Australia. Wherein, a series of free game development classes will be held in collaboration with the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE). AIE is a multi-national and non-profit college which focuses on game development, animation, and visual effects.

This move is timed perfectly during the Easter holiday’s period of Australian Schools. This allows school-aged children explore and understand the game development processes and get to know their interests in distinctive career paths available in this field once they graduate.

The game development classes are designed in three different courses under AIE tutors. These classes cover the topics like Game designing, game programming, and developing games on the Xbox One. These courses are fundamentally similar to the courses taught by AIE. Indeed the 3-hour duration classes taught requires further education to pursue the career that AIE provides. Microsoft store takes the sole responsibility of the costs.

Game Spot recently highlighted the contents for each course at a media session. Each student will be given a Surface Tablet for the sessions which would help them in note-taking, drawing, and programming tasks, as well as a development-ready Xbox One S.

The game design course emphasizes on the conceptual development phase, this will enable equipping students with the terms and tools to which will help them to study and understand the aspects of a game’s design, as well as gain practical experience in the game concept. Each student will begin with writing a short pitch on a game yet to be developed. This will refine their ideas and iterate concepts of other students which in turn garners new ideas and perspectives for the themes or mechanics.  They can also learn how to write and execute basic code on text-based scripting interface and understand about team-based game development.  It will also cover basic artificial intelligence application and program deployment.

The first phase of Xbox Academy classes might start today April 10 and will be ending on April 22, 2017. Details on Xbox Academy workshops can be viewed on Microsoft Events page.

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