Wednesday , April 24 2019

Microsoft is readying a special version of Windows 10 for China

Going in the collaboration route, Microsoft partners with a state-owned company to develop products for China


Microsoft has partnered with the Chinese government-owned China Electronics Technology Group (CETC) to release a specially-modified version of Windows 10 for use in Chinese government and enterprise applications.

After a continuous series of setbacks in breaking into the Chinese government sector — from the Chinese government blocking Microsoft product sales post the Edward Snowden NSA leaks, to the Chinese government’s unsuccessful attempt at launching their own Linux-based Operating System called Red Flag, it hasn’t been that easy for Microsoft offerings to be deployed in government operations in the regions.

Even though the Chinese government has — since 2003 — been allowed to review the source code of the software for upholding security, the Snowden leaks would be a major setback to US software companies looking to business with China, where China in turn had few reasons that were enough to push back on foreign products and to focus more on developing home-grown solutions.

The new entity will be conducting some trial runs of this new OS across three government sites. This specially-developed Microsoft operating system will be having Windows 10 at its core, but with hard-coded system policy settings that are customized for government users.

While the regular version of Windows 10 is available to Chinese customers for purchase and it still stands banned from government applications, while implies an absence from several large enterprises that are in government-control.

In a statement to Arstechnica, a Microsoft spokesperson has said, “We are pleased with the progress that we had and we are making with our partners in China, and looking forward to make Windows 10 available for procurement by government and state-owned infrastructure entities upon a final government review. We look forward to share more in the future.”

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Microsoft is readying a special version of Windows 10 for China
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