Sunday , April 21 2019

Microsoft is Closing its Little Known Social Network

Microsoft is closing the social network , which is hardly used since its launch.


The much for-gotten Microsoft’s social network project, is closing down at Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs division., as it is called, was launched in late 2011, where the objective was “collaborative consumption, not communication.” Initially for students, opened up to anyone once it had gotten going.  The social community was an additional support for mobile devices.

Prior to launch, it was assumed that Microsoft was building a social network to compete directly with Facebook. It was a time when the companies were inclined towards the Social Network idea.  Even, in 2010, Google, also had launched Google Buzz a social networking, microblogging and messaging tool which was combined into the web-based email program, Gmail.

If is compared, then the image collages and video of looked little similar to Pinterest style visual content. garnered very little attention but after more than five years, it has come in news, and that it is shutting down and will not exist from March 15. also resembles a little Google+ and some of its concepts matches with that of Facebook and Twitter. The Users can make collage of pictures with unique topics and share with it with their followers. Users can post visual comments by using “riffs”. Riffs are collages with graphic media which are used for commenting.  To Sign-up and login, a Microsoft account or Facebook account was mandatory. It also has’s Bookmarklet to bookmark the useful content they find in internet and share among Friends. The Website has a search bar using the Bing API. The Searches made are public by default and has the option to mark it as private. It enabled Users to follow other users or pages. will be remembered as Microsoft service which has amazing outlet for creative expression and to find like-minded people for sharing thoughts and learning new things.

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