Wednesday , March 20 2019

Microsoft is All Set to Make Slight Modifications in Windows 10 Game Settings UI

Microsoft Making Changes in Creators Update. GameDVR, Game Mode and more from Xbox’s option menus now live with the rest of Windows 10 settings



Microsoft’s Xbox app has certain functionalities like Built-in gameplay capture which are simply incredible that we really like integrated into it.  Xbox One console is phenomenal , but they are not front and center rather we can see them hidden behind social updates and advertisements. In a recent Microsoft event where it gave a demo on its upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10, it declared that it is going to move the settings for those games out of the Xbox app. And they’ll live in the same Settings menu as everything else in Windows 10, as told by Microsoft senior product manager Peter Orullian.

Peter Orullian said that instead of the gaming section in settings, there were parts of user-level and system-level settings in disparate places. And It has combined them in Windows 10 Creators update and this will become the base for the future settings wich PC gamers can use.

The Tech Giant is not separating these gaming settings from ‘Xbox’ . We can discover in the screenshot of the new settings menu above, the Xbox app not holding these settings, but the branding still remains the same.

“We want there to be a unified destination, so a lot of the settings things we do in other places we want to unify here,” Orullian said. “When you go in, today you’ve got Game Bar and game DVR. A couple of the new ones we’re adding for the Creators update, which are new. And there are already things we’re looking at for future inclusion here.”






We can find new menus screenshots here below by Maximum PC editor Jarred Walton. This is captured from “fast ring” build of Windows 10. The changes Creators Update which will include these changes, and many others (including better privacy controls) is scheduled for this April.


One more pic from Jarred: The company has moved resolution options out of an “Advanced” sub-menu on the Display settings page.


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