Tuesday , March 19 2019

Microsoft has Failed to Release Windows Security Fix on Time

Microsoft delays Windows Monthly security update meant for fixing vulnerability and curbing the cyber thieves’ exploitation. 


Microsoft has delivered fixes to security exploits every month, but the company is said to be delaying its release this time due to a last minute issue.

The fix was to be released as part of Microsoft’s regular monthly security update for its Windows software. The company was reported to fix a denial-of-service (DoS) flaw in Windows which has public exploit code.


In a blog, Microsoft agreed that it had not released the regular monthly security update for its Windows Software due to a “last minute issue” that they had to deal with. The company was reported to fix a denial-of-service (DoS) flaw in Windows which has public exploit code.

This appears to be the first time ever since the company began to release security updates that the company hasn’t managed to deliver updates at the scheduled time. The delay might be related to the changes that Microsoft decided to improvise in the way updates were delivered. This update is considered to be a top-priority one for the company.

The Microsoft’s February update was scheduled to comprise a solution to a part of Windows that handles particular types of file-transfers.

The Problem was first disclosed to the company in the month of September and it is believed that the code is available with the malicious hackers for the exploitation.  The bug is present in most versions of Windows and could be susceptible to attacks by the hackers.

Whilst Microsoft has already delayed releasing the file-transfer fix, there is a possibility that it is upgrading the other updates for the same Windows sub-system that is previously planned for February.

It had further decided to break its security fixes into two- one for Windows and another for its browsers in its February release. Getting the separation and testing system to work reliably could have been the reason for the delay.


Till now there is no update of when Microsoft will deliver its delayed update.















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