Friday , March 22 2019

Microsoft formally shuts down its TechRewards program

Microsoft has officially informed the members of the program that it has been closed completely.


Just a few months ago,company had announced that it was closing down its TechRewards program in the year 2017. The project that was initially started by Nokia under the title DVLUP rewards program intended to reward software developers with XP, badges, gift cards and other prizes for developing or integrating most advanced features in their apps. When Microsoft had acquired Nokia’s devices and services split back in 2014, the program name was rebranded to TechRewards program.

Currently, Microsoft has officially shut down its TechRewards program.

In an official email today, the tech giant has informed members of the program that it has been formally closed. In order to assist the affected Software developers, Microsoft states that:

We consider other Microsoft Programs, listed below; more strictly allied with the business products and services can best upkeep users in their technical voyage.

  • Channel 9 program brings forward the persons behind Products and links them with those who use them.
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy offers free online IT, Developer, and Data Science training by first-rate experts to assist you to build your skills and grow your career.
  • Visual Studio Dev Essentials has the whole thing you need to form and deploy your app on any stage.
  • IT Pro Cloud Essentials is a free yearly subscription which comprises of cloud services, education, and support paybacks.

The major reason behind the terminating of the  TechRewards program was never formally revealed by the corporation. The corporation had already cautioned that any unspent Points received from the program would not be redeemable once the TechRewards program shuts down. Microsoft has urged associates to contact its Support Team in case of any probes.

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