Wednesday , April 24 2019

Microsoft forces its users to upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft is blocking Windows 7 and 8 updates and forcing the users to update to windows 10 in order to receive updates from Microsoft.

Microsoft is blocking Windows 7 and Windows 8 updates on Intel’s seventh generation Core i3, i5 and i7, AMD’s Ryzen (Bristol Ridge) and Qualcomm’s 8996 processors. The Devices powered by these processors must upgrade to latest version of Windows OS in order to get updates from Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows 10

The problem will manifest only when the users try to run Windows Update, where it reads some error messages.

Responding to a request on the subject, a spokesperson said “As new silicon generations are introduced, they require the latest windows version at that time for support. This enables us to effort on deep integration between Windows and the silicon in order to maintain maximum reliability and compatibility with previous generations of platform and silicon”.

Microsoft wants to make ensure whether the Windows runs well on new silicon. It can do that on Windows 10 because it’s an existing product, and it will be installed on most new-build PCs running these processors. It makes less sense to go back and optimise Windows 7 and 8, where these versions are officially in “extended support”, which will end in 2020 whereas Windows 8 support ends in 2023.

Intel Skylake processors are presently supported on Windows 7 and 8, they won’t be working from July. The users of windows 7 and 8 are forced to upgrade to Windows 10 in order to get further updates.

Microsoft didn’t explain how it would charge the users now the free Window is closed. Microsoft said the users can use the Windows 7 and 8 product keys on fresh Windows 10 installs.

However, Microsoft will optimise Windows 10 continually, it doesn’t need to pull support for Windows Updates on new processors. But it is rolling off the users of windows 7 and 8 into windows 10.

Moreover, there are some issues with Windows 10 too. The users have reported adverts in Windows 10’s explorer, and hassle about OneDrive on Windows.

For many people, Windows 10 will be their OS of choice anyway. But for the new users of windows 10, it would be like a new sour taste in their mouths.

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