Tuesday , March 26 2019

Microsoft Enhances Xbox One’s Online Playing Experience

Microsoft made a Major Update to Xbox One video game console can talk and play online.

Microsoft Xbox One players can rejoice every moment of their playing experience  by livestreaming their video game sessions with others by using Beam Streaming. It’s is its own gaming broadcasting service which enables the Players to chat and blast aliens with each other while playing games on Xbox One.

Previously the video gamers used Amazon‘s rival Twitch for the same by downloading the app in their personal computers and Sony’s PlayStation consoles.

With the advent of Beam Streaming, which can become a potential competitor to Twitch, Microsoft is indeed its live video game streaming market.

Microsoft said that Beam is “built right into your Xbox One,” which means that users can directly use it without downloading any other app like Twitch onto their console before playing and broadcasting their game sessions.

The Company bought the company behind Beam in August for an unrevealed amount. It was a time when Beam was still in its testing phase and hadn’t yet made it available to the public. The test version of Beam allowed Users to change some video games including Minecraft using a software development kit. For example, The players watching on a livestream could play along with each other by

Just like the players availing livestream can have access to play with other players by spawning cows randomly within Minecraft or they can suddenly become night.

Microsoft declared on Wednesday that it did not mention on players being able to change any such video games, and it is uncertain on how the company plans to encourage the practice for its Users in the future. Chad Gibson, the tech giant’s partner group program manager revealed the gaming publication Gamespot that it is having discussions on new interactive modding features for Beam with third-party developers and they may likely come to market later this year.

Microsoft told that the Beam could possibly be available to PC users on April 11 and they can avail all the features just like Xbox One users.  Microsoft is promulgating Beam’s compatibility with Windows 10 PCs to show how it is uniting its Xbox console with PCs, this can keep consumers using Microsoft’s products—and those of competitors.

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