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Microsoft Checks if the New Privacy Controls fits French Data-Protection Act

Microsoft asks Windows 10 Insider users on their feedback on the new privacy settings to ensure it is in compliant with the French data-protection act


Microsoft is ensuring whether Windows 10 is working up to the mark and that it’s new privacy settings menu is functioning well.  Microsoft asked Windows 10 Insider users on their opinion about Windows 10 OS and its privacy control system.  The revamped Windows 10 is said to have a great control over the Users data it collects.

The tech giant, Microsoft is consulting Windows 10 users testing early builds of the OS under the Windows Insider program, who will be asked for feedback on a new privacy settings menu.

It has made it easier for users by enabling the data collection toggles, designed to choose the information which they feel is safe to send back to Microsoft. The company has decided to show it to the users before launching the Creators Update an upgraded version of Windows 10. The Creators Update is expected to roll out in April of this year.

The privacy settings page is kept as it’s as it was unveiled in January for better user experience and using which they can select the data that they think can be sent to Microsoft.  For example, location data when using maps, voice recordings when using the Cortana virtual assistant or diagnostic information related to what they type and write, and the apps they use.

Windows 10 insiders can suggest changes in the new privacy settings page by using Feedback Hub application. The Users can also see a prototype of the settings menu. Although, the settings will appear to be toggled on, by default to collect maximum data.

The updated privacy controls will be presented besides an option for Windows 10 Home. The company told that Windows 10’s ‘Basic’ telemetry setting is designed in such a way that the OS “only collects data vital to the operation of Windows”.


Last year, French privacy watchdog , the chair of the National Data Protection Commission (CNIL), had raised concerns on privacy of Windows 10. They said that the amount of data Windows 10 collected from users was “excessive” and that Microsoft needed to do more to seek users’ permission before downloading advertising cookies to Windows 10 machines. Now the company has made the changes to address the issue and bring Windows 10 compliant with the French data-protection act.

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