Friday , March 22 2019

Microsoft Authenticator App makes Passwords Obsolete

Microsoft New Sign in App could replace Passwords as Primary Sign-in Option


Passwords are a definitely outmoded form of security which is sometimes annoying, clumsy, and can be easily hacked, despite being the primary way to secure information.  Microsoft is trying differently to make these passwords obsolete from the equation entirely, by introducing a new app feature called Microsoft Authenticator app.

The app facilitates the second layer of two-step authentication system. However, it facilitates signing in without a password by confirming your identity by using an app prompt on the smartphone. By installing Microsoft Authenticator, you have the choice to use it as the primary sign-in option for any of the supported logins. Whenever you try signing in a pop up shows up on your phone screen asking for your approval for password-free authentication. You can approve it and can log in without using the password but with a different kind of safer authentication.

This new app feature looks like a response to the streamlined Google Authenticator app which uses the tap-to-verify system and makes signing free hassle free. The Microsoft Authenticator has an add-on benefit that eliminates using password totally making the barrier to log in much more shorter, which might prove better or worse, time has an answer to it. The worse thing that could be predictable is that removing the sign in passwords out of the scenario could; login could be done by possessing a person’s smartphone, rather than using both password (primary) and secondary authentication system. But the immense benefits make them ignore and go ahead. The Authenticator feature is significantly more secure than a password alone, this is definitely much more safer and bother free than what the users currently rely on.

Although building an app which is both secure and easy to operate is a tricky proposition. According to a Microsoft blog post on Tuesday, the users can install the Android or iOS version of the Microsoft Authenticator app on their smartphones and can enter their usernames just like before. After that instead of typing a password, the Users can receive notifications on their phones. Tapping the “Approve” notification unlocks the phone.





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