Friday , March 22 2019

Microsoft Adopts Transparency in Windows 10 Telemetry Collection


Microsoft Windows 10 update will have an improved privacy settings options that enable Users to turn off or on certain features.



April 11 is the day, to witness the roll out of the most awaiting Windows 10 operating system Update called “Creators Update”.  Microsoft is thinking to add certain new features to enhance the experience with PCs which also got Anniversary Update last August. However, the crucial change would be the release of the company’s diagnostic data which it collects from 400 million monthly active devices, Worldwide.

The tech giant collects data from every Windows PC depending on the User Choice of keeping the Option on or off.  For example, if the location feature is enabled then the user search history can be collected also with some app usage characteristics. Windows 10 is updated with advanced privacy settings options, around the type of data from your PC. Some of these settings can be turned off, but certain specific settings will never turn off although there is an explanation on each setting that depicts what it is meant for and provides an option on whether it should be turned on or off.   After last year’s Anniversary Update, the company has been focusing more on privacy measures have analysed on which data is strictly mandatory to collect from the basic level for keeping Windows 10 devices up to date. This certainly has minimised the amount of data collected at the basic level to half.

Once the User installs the Creators Update on Windows 10 PC, he gets the choice of choosing security options and reconfigure them according to his choice.  Although, it is still bewildering on how often the Windows 10 PC transmits data and telemetry back to Microsoft, and whether it is collecting the same quantity and specifics of data from each PC. But one thing is for sure the company is making it more clear and transparent on the data it collects even though it not providing with a universal “Off” option.


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