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Mia Khalifa Will Make Entry in Indian Films

Famous porn star  Mia khalifa debut Malayalam film :Chunkzz 2

Mia Khalifa

It is an open secret that Mia Khalifa is a big fanatic in India. Last Tuesday, it was reported that Mia Khalifa has been used to play a pivotal role in the upcoming Malayan movie.

 After The Sunny leone , Mia Khalifa will become the second most popular adult star in the United States to find a career in India’s mainstream film industry.

Former adult movie star Mia khalifa is about to enter the Indian film industry. She has come to play a role in the sequel to the forthcoming comedy of adult comedy movie Chunkzz. Director Omar Lulu confirmed the news. In addition to a project dance in the movie, Mia plays a role. Coming soon sequel has been named chunkzz 2: Conclusion, it is said that it is getting Bollywood production house. Chunkzz’s writer, Sarang and Sanoop thykoodam pens, will also be sequel to the script.

Mia khalifa

Actor Honey Rose plays the heroine in the film’s first movie, she was confirmed starred in the sequel. The producer has not yet completed the remaining actors and crew.

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Mia Khalifa is an American star in Lebanon. The 24-year-old actor briefly and successfully became an adult actor, currently she is a journalist and hosts the sports show on the YouTube Channel for the Compilation News. Omar is currently bathed in chunkzz successfully released earlier this year. He will start filming his next movie or adaar love in December. Conclusion 2: Chunkzz will start from May 2018.

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