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Medical Council of India’s Online Information System to Curb Illegal Admissions

HYDERABAD: Prior to post-graduate medical admissions, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has launched an online information system since the academic year 2017-18 to eliminate illegal admissions to medical colleges.

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A notice was issued by MCI on April 17 to ensure that admissions are made based on parameters based on court decisions and MCI regulations. “In order to effectively monitor all admissions made in medical courses comply with the regulatory requirement, an online surveillance system has been launched by the board,” reads the opinion. It further states that the initiative is being undertaken to ensure adherence to the admission standards set out in the regulations to promote greater transparency and accountability in medical education.

In the online system, all colleges must submit the required data for all students admitted to PG (broad and super specialty) as of 20 May. Although the online surveillance system is open for a large specialty course on May 20, the same super specialty course will open on August 20th. “Medical education institutions must submit their student admission details later than June 7, 2017 for a wide variety of specialties, and in September 7, 2017 for super-specialty courses beyond which college Will not be allowed to enter the details, “says the notice.

In the WHO, colleges must enter details such as course name, sanctioned admission capacity, number of recognized seats, number of seats allowed, total number of seats, date of admission, Name of the student, NEET score, etc.

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Until last year, several colleges had admissions in the management quota without regard to the merit system. But this year, MCI has ordered all colleges to give admissions that are strictly in accordance with merit and in a transparent and fair manner. “Any violation will result in the evacuation of the pupil concerned from the courses and such measures against the institution of the medical faculty concerned, as permitted by law,” the opinion stated.

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Medical Council of India’s Online Information System to Curb Illegal Admissions
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