Tuesday , April 23 2019

Many parents Fail to Do Screening Tests for Newborns

Screening tests in babies can help to identify the diseases at an early stage.


Chennai: Screening Tests- Have you ever questioned whether your kid is born with any sort of abnormality?  With the prospect of newborn screening tests, illnesses can be recognized in babies at an initial stage.

Despite some doctors making all attempts to educate the public on the prominence of screening tests for infants, several parents fail to confirm it is done.

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Several babies currently being born with diverse types of abnormalities, forming awareness on the significance of screening tests are fundamentally being sensed as the necessity of the hour.

Newborn screening tests has three major components, specifically

  • Hearing
  • Physical examinations like femoral pulses, heart sounds, hips
  • Blood spot testing

“Normally screening tests identifies an illness before any scientific signs seem. It aids in the initial diagnosis, which in shot, means initial treatment of the specific condition previous to any perpetual damage happening,” Gopinath Rao the Neonatal Pediatrician of Motherhood Hospital told.

“Initial screening tests are also aids to save parents from scorching a hole in their bags if their kid later displays signs of illness and organ damage,” says Gopinath. “Government yet hasn’t made any kind of references for screening tests, counting screening for deafness. As corporate hospitals are all gradually starting to make sure that all children are screened, the government might soon bump it,” told a health official.

Known to see about 25 million births in India every single year, it has been observed that the occurrence of metabolic illnesses is about 1 in 3,000 babies, which shows there might be nearly over 8,000 babies who are predictable to have a defect.

“The scheduling of screening tests is so important. Physical and Hearing examination screening would be completed after 24 hours of delivery and the blood spot testing will be done as soon as likely after 72 hours of birth. The time is so essential. The screening should not be done too early or too late,” said Naresh Shanmugam the Pediatric Hepatologist of Global Hospitals.

“I had joined a program that was conducted for expecting parents and it was there that I came to know the prominence of screening. Till then, I had no awareness that somewhat like that was. It is vital that consciousness is shaped on the same,” told Shradha P, a mom of a seven-month-old baby.


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