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Mani Ratnam: Celebrating Silver Jubilee with ‘Cheliyaa’

Mani Ratnam, the legendary director speaks about his star cast, son and how his future movie Cheliyaa is special since it would be his 25th project.


In these 34 years of his film career, director Mani Ratnam has just had only 25 cinemas to his credit — with his upcoming film Kaatru Veliyidai, being out in Telugu as Cheliyaa, creating his silver jubilee. In a talk with media, Mani Ratnam says about why he needs space amid movies, his motivations, his magical relationship with AR Rahman and more.

On selecting Karthi

It is somewhat new that I have not done formerly. He kept it active, fetched in some freshness into the complete thing and he also inclines to travel around. I have viewed a few movies of Karthi. More than a hero, I knew him as a person; he is a decent gentleman and dutiful. But, not all the roles need to be kind (laughs). It is not a normal ‘hero’ sort of a role. The point that it is tough makes it more motivating and maybe more honest.

Mani and romance, inseparable

I am a romantic guy in realism; my tactic to romance is that you don’t take the other person for granted. That’s what I depicted in my previous films that there could be warmness and love that happens among older couples also.


On Aditi Rao hydari’s act

We, in fact, did a trial with Aditi, before selecting her. She learned Tamil and worked so hard to understand the character. She has placed her heart and soul.
On A.R. Rahman being a ‘magician’

He certainly is, isn’t he? When we work together to make tunes for a movie, we not only look forward to making hits — but also willing to research and try new things. I don’t certainly look at one song to define one situation, but music as a total for the picture that I am making. It provides us more freedom and scope… perhaps that’s working out for us.

Son Nandan wants to be an academician

Nandan is not fascinated in movies. He is doing his Ph.D., is actually an academic, and trails politics strongly! I studied somewhat and had done a career that had nothing to do with what I educated. But I’m not saying education hurts anybody! It gives you great acquaintance.

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