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Man Sent a Threats of Hijacking to the Mumbai

HYDERABAD: The Hyderabad police working group arrested a 32-year-old businessman for sending a fake hijacking threatened piracy mail to the Mumbai police on 15 April.

The accused had sent the threat email because he wanted his “girlfriend” to postpone a proposed trip to Mumbai and Goa.


Man sent a threats of hijacking to the Mumbai police arrested in Hyderabad

The man was identified as M Vamshi Krishna, a Miyapur transport businessman, Hyderabad. He is married and has a daughter.

Vamshi recently developed near a woman based in Chennai through Facebook who wanted to make a fun trip to Mumbai and Goa. “She accused Vamshi of booking a flight to Mumbai in Mumbai on April 16 and asked her to meet her there,” a task force official said.

Vamshi did not have enough money to plan the trip and created a fake plane ticket from Chennai to Mumbai on his behalf and sent it by email on April 15th in the afternoon. Subsequently, as a woman from Hyderabad, he sent an email to the Mumbai police saying that six people intended to divert the flights from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai airports.

“Vamshi wanted to make sure his girlfriend did not go to the airport,” said a police official.

Security was reinforced at airports in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai earlier on April 16 after the threatened piracy appeal.

A special airport passenger service charge (APSC) meeting was convened at Mumbai airport where the content of the e-mail was read to all members.

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“A number of security measures have been put in place, we have increased and strengthened the patrol, access control, and the number of deployed security personnel has been increased,” said OP Singh, CISF Director General. 16 April.

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Man Sent a Threats of Hijacking to the Mumbai
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