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Mamidala Vamshi Reddy’s family wanted him to find job in India

Anik Reddy Four-year-old keeps pointing to the pictures of his uncle Mamidala Vamshi Reddy in TV and newspapers.

Mamidala Vamshi Reddy
Mamidala Vamshi Reddy

Hyderabad: Four-year-old Anik Reddy keeps pointing to the pictures of his uncle Mamidala Vamshi Reddy in TV and newspapers not knowing that Vamshi had passed away in the US on Sunday.

Anik’s elder sister Akshaya is in shock and has stopped speaking. Vamshi used to chat to the kids every day on Skype. He contacted to his elder sister Sunitha last on Saturday. His brother-in-law D. Ravinder Reddy said that he came to know of the case in the wee hours of Sunday. Later, the family got information from his contacts in the US that Vamshi had gone to work as per his friend’s request, who could not attend duty that day. After work, he was returning back to his flat in a car. Before he comes, the suspect was being chased by the forces as he was involved in a mishap.

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As the suspect made an attempt to escape, he robbed a woman and took her mobile and money. He also took away her vehicle and drove to the room where Vamshi was staying.

“They said us that he came to the complex, but could not find his way, and returned towards the exit. Meanwhile, Vamshi’s car was in the complex. Both vehicles crashed in the garage. Instantly the killer got down and pointing a pistol at Vamshi robbed him of his wallet and mobile. He then shot him and escaped,” Ravinder said.

“My child was attached to him. He remembers his uncle talking to him every day, but he does not know that he has been murdered. When Vamshi’s picture is shown on newspaper or TV he points saying, mama. Akshaya assumed he is dead and is in shock,” Ravinder whispered. Vamshi’s father M. Sanjeeva Reddy, a farmer, said they all the time wanted him to take up a job here, but he went overseas as most of his friends were there.

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